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murad method bespoke facial 60 mins £60

The Ultimate Results Driven Facial


Having been trained directly by Murad, I am now qualified to perform Murad Method facials. These facials are a new and entirely personalised concept in high-performance professional skincare from internationally renowned skincare brand Murad. The ground breaking patented, dermatologist-developed combinations and techniques are designed to make skin as healthy as it can be, giving noticeable results and leaving skin looking beautiful. During your facial I will spend time analysing your specific skin type before designing a bespoke facial to address multiple skin concerns. The facial also includes touch point massage techniques to help relieve stress for ultimate relaxation and mindfulness

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Tropic skincare Facial 100% natural - 60 Mins £40 / 90 mins £60

Bespoke facial tailored to your skins needs


During the consultation, we will ascertain the best products for your skin concerns. whether you wish to tackle acne, blocked pores, ageing, dehydrated or lackluster skin, or simply long for a bit of TLC. We will improve the look and feel of your skin leaving it feeling clearer, smoother softer and more radiant.

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Pore extraction Facial add on - £10

Pore extraction facial


Blackheads are the result of pores that are clogged with dirt and oil which can be stubborn and hard to get rid of with typical washing and exfoliating. When the dirt becomes lodged in the pore, it can seems impossible to remove. Add this specialist treatment to any of your facials to focus on clearing those stubborn pores using a vacuum tool to gently suction out the offending blackhead to clear the pore followed by a deep cleansing clay mask to fight any residing bacterial deep inside the pores. Come away feeling fresh faced, clean and clear.

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Your facial will leave your skin looking and feeling healthier, but should also leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, and thoroughly pampered. Book your facials in East Dulwich now.



“Jennifer’s facials are amazing. She has a lovely calm aura and the setting is perfect for pure relaxation. My facial was tailored to my skin type (very sensitive and spot prone) and I was glowing afterwards and my skin visibly improved almost immediately. I have had two facials already and about to book my third..!”


“In the spirit of spreading good cheer at the holidays, I feel compelled to write with raving compliments about Tropic Skincare. It has literally transformed first my daughter's skin and now my skin.
My teenaged daughter was experiencing breakouts and had just been prescribed antibiotics by the GP but we were very wary of going down this route (for obvious reasons). Then I heard (here on the forum) about Tropic, a skincare line designed specifically to help with acne, and so I took my daughter for a facial and we purchased the products. OMG I cannot describe to you the transformation. It didn't even take long. Her skin looks AMAZING! She's so much more confident than she was. Encouraged by this I decided to give Tropic's anti-aging line a go. Just today a friend asked me "have you changed your foundation or something?" and when I replied "I'm not wearing foundation" she was floored. She said my skin looks so much less damaged than it did (who knew it looked damaged before? gotta love good friends). I swear it has taken years off. Anyway, we love these products even more because they are cruelty-free. Plus, Jennifer is great and I love her facials!  That's just my shout out & encouragement to have a peek at her website:

Everyone needs to find what works for them -- we just feel really lucky that this worked (miracles) for us!”


“Just wanted to add a warm recommendation for Jennifer and the Tropics products. 

I enjoyed a lovely facial at Jennifer's recently, and as others have commented, found Jennifer to be knowledgeable and professional with a low-key relaxed approach to marketing the Tropic line of products. 

I came away from Jennifer's house with the Tropic borrow box to try for a couple of days, which is a great way to experiment with them before committing to buy. They all smell delicious and I think I noticed a difference (improvement) after just a few uses of the masks, cleanser, toner, etc. 

Many thanks Jennifer!“


“I highly recommend these facials by Jennifer. 

I had glowing skin following mine and was worried that I was going to break out after as many facials do this to my skin - they bring the dirt to the surface and leave it there. But the product really cleansed my skin and I left feeling v relaxed. 

The push for the sale of products isn't aggressive which I've experienced before in many places. 

Jennifer gave me a catalogue and let the products speak for themselves with the results.”


“I went for a facial with Jennifer last week.It was wonderful.  

Really relaxing, in a lovely quiet room with gorgeous natural smells and quiet relaxing music. 

There was absolutely no pressure at all to buy any products afterwards (though I did, as they all seem brilliant, and I have been meaning to move to completely natural products for some time). 

I have had a very stressful few months and this was just what I needed. Very very highly recommended! I shall be back! And looking forward to using my new skincare things.”


“I’ve just got back from my first facial with JustJennifer - and I can also definitely recommend her too. 

In fact it was my first ever facial - I had been thinking about one for a while and read Shannons review and thought why not! 

The products are lovely. I don't have any skin condition (except getting older!) so I went for the anti-aging facial. I just keep touching my face - I can't get over how nice it feels. 

I'm already booked in for my next one - how did survive so long without even trying one before!”